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A Letter To My Respectful Uncle McDonald

To my respectful Uncle McDonald,

Whenever feel like hungry and lazy, I always think of you, not Aunt Wendy, Uncle Jack, Amigo cousins or the Colonel. Do have to confess that we werent close anymore for a long while bc your house kinda of dirty and beatup due to lack of maintenance for years, your cook turned sloppy and ain't give me any clownery smile. But, in about half a year ago, drove by your house again and noticed the new renovation. So, went inside and say hi to you. Not only you greeted me like never did before, but your dishes ain't boring anymore plus the technique got a little improvement. Surprised me the most you now learnt how to sing pop and hip hop. Frankly, all these changes might have begun fr the awareness your children and grandchildren were leaving one by one. Doesnt matter now bc that past has gone. I wish our bonding can reestablish like the time I was a child. One thing I still dislike is you use too much papers and plastic to set the table. We are a family, and those can be saved for lesser expense and waste. As long as you provide a great Happy Meal, we all gonna visit often.

PS. The Deluxe Breakfast I just had was awesome :)

Sincerely yours,


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