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Aroma Craft Coffee

Even though it's my first time visiting this local craft coffee shop, but Aroma Craft Coffee is no stranger to me. In the past, I was fortunate to have a sneak peek of their distribution center before their roaster cafe opened on demand. To those unfamiliar with this brand, it has been in coffee beans wholesaling business for some years now. Just that they never open to general public unless invited or attended their coffee training classes. Luckily enough, I was being introduced to visit their warehouse location, only a few steps away from this new storefront, tried their handcrafted coffee in the past. In early this year, Jerry, the owner, gradually decided to open this store for sharing his compassionate about coffee. Their baristas were well selected and trained by owner himself to deliver excellent quality of products and services, and the pleasant interior is thoughtfully designed for a relaxing conversation with friends or studying (unfortunately, one of their 4 house rules is 'No WiFi-Talky'. Be prepared your own hotspot). Not to mention, they also serve appetizing savory, well-favored sweets and delicate charcuterie (photos) to cast along the delightful coffee you prefer. #NotPaidCommercial

Products Score: 85 Service Score: 90 Store Score: 85

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5


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