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A Quick Note About Clubhouse

Frankly speaking, I wasn't too excited and urged to join the hype. But, surprisingly, I got invited by an old subordinate that I first couldn't recall who she was until I searched my Facebook (FB) account to find out (With this opportunity, especially thank @pikachulala for her invitation). Back to the topic. To me, Clubhouse is a live podcast allowing the audience to interact with the moderator/host (Online Radio), or I should say an audio conference platform with social media DNA. Their temporary success is due to their invitational-only policy (People Starving), and the participation of many high-profile entrepreneurs/VCs (like Elon Musk and a16z) and celebrities. Of course, also, the window opportunity was created by Facebook and Twitter after several accounts of the public political figure were banned. And users began worrying about their freedom of expressing themselves. But once the platform is with a mass audience and lost its secrecy, mystery, and uniqueness, the growth trajectory will substantially slow down. How to retain the content quality is one key obstacle to their future success. And the question of whether expand into the Android platform is not a priority. Besides that, external competition from the social media and messenger giants like FB will quickly relaunch their similar product to defend their lion share. Unless able to enhance their user-acquisition policy and decide their monetary model (to increase its scalability), their hype cycle soon slides into the trough of disillusionment. It'll be very interesting to observe the development and outcome of this business like any other startup. I think we all anticipate that.

Clubhouse// @tomaslee


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