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You're Too Late For A New Resolution!

I still see many talks about their new resolution for 2018 at this moment. Obviously, if you're one of them, you are far behind in schedule, and very unlikely to accomplish any of your goals.

Why? In the corporate world, the new fiscal year's budget should have planned, validated and approved in at least a quarter time prior to a new year begins. Same applied to your lifeline, if you didn't plan ahead and carefully examine whether the goals are feasible and attainable, anything you wish for is just vague and a pure talk. Doesn't matter how well your plan and progression are, only the end result'll count. Therefore, stop talking or still sketching plan on paper, and indeed, step up and trust your intuition to run toward your dream. Of course, don't believe in people says failure doesn't have a price to pay or don't worry about falling. Again, in the real world, if you overspent the budget or missed your revenue goal, imagine what could happen to your company, your employees and their families? Again, same principle applied in life, don't be reluctant and being mindless to work on things without first evaluating the price of failure. Is it something you can afford (Opportunity Cost)? Everything you act/perform does bury a cost behind, whether it's tangible or intangible to you. Always keep that in mind!

Sometimes, no resolution is a good solution.

Good luck to you all in this year!

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