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I'M Not A Social Blogger

A Quick Short Note.

Since the first day of my Instagram account established, I have no intension to become a celebrity blogger earning a large amount of followers, then capitalizing or monetizing from the asset. My motive is very simple: It's to share my personal hobby and daily living snapshots to those enjoy, as well my other social media accounts like Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn are to function as an extension of this portfolio web site for my true audiences to understand my work style and character traits. Furthermore, learn the ecosystem of social media to use-as-a-tool for growing the clients' business.

But very unfortunate that I received at least three bots from the Marketers every week to solicit using their service to increase the number of followers, informercials from a variety of business for joining Gym Membership and dating service, buying their apparels and etc, or some random IG bloggers followed me to seek the same as return.

For all those types of followers, I straightforwardly "BLOCK" their follows.

Therefore, the followers remind in low number bc of filtering. Every one of my followers, I do visit their profile and study their posts to assimilate. But unlike the Professional Generated Content (PGC) bloggers, I don't greet them thru automated message or interact with each of them in person to bond/rapport unless a message left on my post. And it's a manner/courtesy to reply.

In the past, there were multiple requests from corporate and SMB in overseas to acquire my quality photos for their own business use. And I unambiguously permitted so without charging any loyalty or copyright fee, but only required the condition of not any illegal use and stamped my URL as original source quote.

The reason I'm writing this is I greeted with personal messages full of praise for the quality of my content, and gave a few advices to optimize my account activities to gain more followers. I'm here to appreciate their opportunities for allowing me to learn more about the social marketing.

But then, once again, they've not done enough homework to know my job and experience before approaching so.




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