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Semi-Annual Performance Update

To All My Readers,

A Quick Note.

In 6 months after the last major update of this blog site launched, it's time to improve the User Interface (UI) for better readership experience, especially in the Mobile Site. From planning to complete deployment, the "" 3.0 has used only 2~ weeks time; therefore, there were many faults in design and its overall performance was also sluggish. This semi-annual update (v3.1) has brought to you some changes which may not be noticeable unless you have a strong observation.

Updates as follow.

>Desktop Site 1. Background Color changed in the Strip#1 of the Home Page

2. Layout updated in the Strip#2 of the Home Page

3. "Read More" button design updated in the Blog Page

4. Button Design in the Strip#3 connected to the #COFFEETOUR page

5. Background changed from video to static image in the #COFFEETOUR page

6. Font Change in the "Coffee Talk" title 7. Added Chemex Icon next to the "More Drips" button

8. Added Portafilter Icon at the right, bottom corner of the Coffee Images Feed.

9. Background changed to the "Shanghai" in the About.Me page 10. Background Color changed in the Contact Me session

>Mobile Site

11. Navigation Menu now freezes during scrolling

12. Home Page Title Font Size updated

13. Menu Button Shape changed to Circle

14. Background Color and Font in the Menu Slider changed

15. Layout, Content Box, and Button redesigned in the Strip#2 of Home Page

16. #COFFEETOUR page updated with similar design elements as Desktop Site

17. About.Me page replicated the Desktop Site design

18. & More

With all these optimizations, readers shall have no difficulty to navigating both desktop and mobile sites since now they've almost identical environment. Again, the UI/UX design wl be continuously renovated with new elements from time to time.

Enjoy! And Please Feel Free to Leave Your Comments.



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