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Two Years Living in Taiwan

By this month's end, I literally lived in Taiwan for more than two year-time (730 days) between 2018 to present. Time does fly like an arrow. Many would wonder and always ask how well I adopted the local culture and living environment. What's the difference between living in the States and Taiwan? In metrics from 1 to 10, I would answer you "5".

Even though I speak and understand Mandarin fluently and grew up in Asia, but I still had a hard time fitting in the work culture here or even how dated the government regulation is on many things like importing laws or traffic rules. Residents are lack self-restraint in obeying the laws, and the authorities are lack practice in enforcing the laws or demonstrate their ambition to administrate. The entire island remains in the same way, including infrastructure like the traffic system it had since the 70s, which is sad because they're not scalable to meet the modern need of today's society.

Not to mention, the majority of residents retain a conservative and conventional mindset without deceiving to accept new ideas. Bureaucracy is another thing exceptional serious in the business world. There're always layers and layers of clustered unnecessary communications amongst all associates and superiors. Even after reaching an agreement of the initiative, there's never consent in between all. The worst of all is to carry out in different directions to tear the scarce resource apart from the organization. The diversity of various political beliefs drives the country to nowhere in the future. Littering and excreting in public is nothing shocking to see in the metropolitan, and the odd thing is that the resident pretended not witnessing this kind of unlawful act but utterly walked away like usual. Sometimes, I wonder if the problem is just me.

Aside from those issues, bias or double standards are general holdings amongst all residents. Maybe, that's now a mental disease inhabited anywhere in today's human society. While Taiwanese often credited for their liberal manner, hospitality, and kindness, but the reality is this generation of people is rude and cruel than the majority of the world recognized. A decade ago, when you walk inside a convenience store, you'll immediately greet with "Welcome" and a warm smile. But today, you'll see a poker face or even staring in eyesight to tell you to leave.

What's wrong with this country?! I don't have a straight answer for you all.

Maybe, it's just me after my cancer treatment, joined the dark side to see every life aspect in gray.

But, do I have a solution or cure for this country? Yes. And that's something else I'll share in another chapter.

In two years afterward, I'll resume updating my blog here. And thanks again for following.



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