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Restoration vs Reborn Coffee Roasters

Products Score: 80 Service Score: 80 Store Score: 80

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5

This roaster has been opened for about 3 years now inside a church community but never visited once. And after heard multiple endorsements by the same old colleague on FB and IG, I finally took time to pay a visit. Seriously, I would never go to the City of Corona without any official business, except this time. Bc of the road construction and no obvious signage, I missed the location a few times until pulled over to look up the GOOG map. In my mind, always have an assumption the independent roaster is resided in a commercial area but I'm totally wrong this time. After sorting out, I confirmed the store is located "inside" the large Crossroad Christian Church community. Following the map's direction and drove around a cinema-like church building, I gradually see the huge store sign like the Indian tribe's totem hanging outside the high sidewalls of their building's corner (not in picture). So, found myself a convenient parking spot and jumped inside to have a glimpse. I was first stunted its doors are literally by the side of an entrance of Crossroad Christian High School.

Once stepped inside, my eyesights can't stop navigating their spacey store where can easily fit a minimum of 80. Not to mention, it's perfect for hosting a lecture event, an evening function or a cosy wedding banquet. What immediately caught my eyes was their mission statement drawn on the wall, "100% of the new proceeds from your purchase today assist the efforts of Corona Norco Rescue Mission in the least, last, and lost of our community." Instantaneously, my admiration to their mission was elevated right from the heart.

The idea of its interior design catering toward students and customers seeking for a quiet peaceful place to enjoy a cup of coffee can be easily detected. Similar to other roasters, their own branded merchandises session is a must-have to increase revenue steam, so do roasted coffee beans and sweet pastries were set right on the top of cashier's counter by their clipboard menu for the same goal. Besides the large variety of coffee and tea, some easy-to-serve sandwiches and burgers were as well found on their menu to feed the hungry students. What a smart business model, right?!

But, if we're only evaluating the coffee itself, I would rather say some improvements needed to make for keeping up with the competition. For the cup of Matcha Almond Milk Latte I had there, served in a paper cup, a stronger taste of aroma is required. Even though brewed with almond milk, but it could be more creamier. As for now, there is no other competitor yet existed in the area; therefore, their business supporting an excellent charity mission is well secured.

Products Score: 85 Service Score: 85 Store Score: 85

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5

In prior to my visit, I didn't dig out much about this roaster but simply picked them based on the decent amount of positive reviews number they have in a brief search on Yelp. But after carefully read thru their designer's web site, I see their ambition in conquering the brewed coffee world. Today, web site virtually represents the company's brand identity and culture but often reluctant by many to invest on. Most of time, customers would first navigate your site for your product and service before physically stopover your retail site. The online-2-offline journey has to be seamless and enjoyable. It's a fault delivered a unrealistic messaging in either online or offline experience to consumers, consequentially may cause a substantial loss of their interest. Convenient and availability matter. Emotion and mood matter.​

The concrete walls, the tall glass doors, and the brightness from the spotlights does provide the small front store a great sense of space. In contrast, the touch of metal material used on the chairs, couches, tables, shelves, and the dropped ceiling above coffee bar, plus the digital display on the metallic-shelled wall, attentively compliments with the overall modern techno-style they designed. Their branded merchandises was very well organized at a corner like a fashion-chain. If by looking at the photo itself, I can be easily fooled that's taken from a clothing boutique. Aside the gorgeous decoration, their machineries are appropriately equipped to make any type of coffee: cold brew, dripping, pour-over, and expresso. Like other roasters, sweet pastries were served. One other thing which caught my eyes was their huge selection of macarons, a perfect match with a good cup of coffee, inside the glass case. They're baked by no other but the Kayla's Cake, located in Downtown Disney, founded in Los Angeles since 2008. Unfortunately, those ain't freshly bake but frozen inside the fridge beneath the coffee bar. Even still, I was very satisfied.

About their cup of Almond Milk Latte I ordered, the only flaw I found was the sweetness of the latte and pistachio macarons overtook the creamy taste and the character of coffee itself. Again, it's to be extra careful when selecting a combination for your products. Compatibility matters. Otherwise, the spotlight of the host's overwhelmed by your guest.

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