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CHILIV, A Hot New Brand from Jiufen

Jiufen (九份), as the real-life "Spirited Away" Japanese animation movie in Ruifang of New Taipei City, hosts a new fashionable luxury coffee brand founded in 2018 by the World Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition Champion 2016 in Tokyo, Chris Lin (IG: @chrislin4.0), and his fiancee, Emily (IG: @chiliv_emily) - CHILIV. And their first concept store opened in August 2019, but why there? Per his introduction, he picked the tourist must-go attraction in Taiwan is to get closer to the world. That is also his first ambition to create a world-class coffee brand.

CHILV | Jiufen, Taiwan

Products Score: 100

Service Score: 100

Store Score: 95

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

The two colors of the Chiliv brand are black and white, representing their purity, holiness, and eternity to convey the supreme standard of coffee experience Chris is pursuing. That conceived a substantial contrast to the famous scenery of Jiufen and established its distinctive persona. The first concept store was remodeled from a tin house facing the Keelung harbor seaside and created a spectacular scene. What a life to sit under the tree shade and enjoy a good cup of latte with the wind breeze?! Inside the store, every single detail is designed with an artisan mind. And that allows every visitor to capture their coffee drinking memory in photos regardless. Yet, the jacket worn by their associates reassembles the classic Chanel tweed forming a luxury experience you'll only get when shopping in the premium clothing brand store. The thoughtful customer journey design from Insideout is flawless. Of course, their coffee and latte art quality is undoubtedly perfect, especially since the barista poured the latte art right in front of your eyes. Besides Chris and Emily, each of their associates has their own Instagram account for the fans getting to follow and know them better. Thereby, you can determine Chris has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort designing his brand. The cup of Matcha Latte and Cafe Latte left me with a fonded memory, but that didn't end there.

Through the pandemics, they reached out broader customer base by running a road tour from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Those locations were carefully picked to align with their brand images, such as Huashan 1914 Cultural Park, where youngsters experience art and exhibition, or Dream Mall, where hipsters go shopping in Kaohsiung, for expanding their business and brand awareness. In demonstrating their characteristics, their popup store is designed and packed in a perfect cubic box with their signature glossy black color and artistic brand logo on the front. Whenever the doors unfolded for business, it's like a ceremony to unbox a present, which appealed to many customers' anticipation day and night. Inside the cube, they are fully equipped with the professional-grade grinder, a Slayer triple-header commercial espresso machine (the identical model they had in their Jiufen concept store), and Chiliv branded coffee gears like coffee bean and mug. Besides that, to keep their tour a distinctive experience, a limited offer Goldore Latte, a black latte covered with 'real' gold powder, was cited outside from their regular menu. One other thing is that I believe their outdoor setup had their good motives behind that decision: to build a more intimate customer relationship. From my observation through onsite and social media, they received a vast volume of supportive takes. That's a concrete sign of successful customer acquisitions.

Withal, another impeccable campaign they had was at the Eslite Spectrum Nangxi to collaborate with the No.1 top gaming laptop brand - MSI. They were the ones initializing the joint promotion with CHILV. And both their objective was to capture more awareness from hipsters for the Creator Series commercial laptop through gamification and acknowledge refined craftsmanship. By correctly answering the questionnaire about the laptop demos onsite, visitors can get a chance for a small giveaway lucky draw and a drink of three choices - Americano, Caffe Latte, or Chocolate. What a brilliant idea!

Among all the new, young coffee brands, I have confidence in their survival and foresee them growing with new store expenditures and more spectacular campaigns to win more customer hearts.

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