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Let's Have A Beer In The Nordstrom Local

Nordstrom Local

Today, I am very excited to hear the news of the Nordstrom opening its first new format store called 'Local' in West Hollywood, CA on Oct 3. This new store will only have 3,000 Sq.ft space, without carrying any clothing merchandise. Instead, it's more like a upscale lounge with personal stylists providing you a more relaxing ambience to pick the right fashion for yourself. To achieve such a vibe, it serves beer and wine for losing up your tensity and easing the shopping stress found in conventional department store. Unlike the conventional format, no inventory'll be carried inside but both Offline to Online (Webrooming) service and In-Store Pickup are available to shoppers for their convenience. There will be eight dressing rooms to allow trying on clothes, shoes and accessories carefully selected by the personal stylists from the nine area Nordstrom stores or via ​​And alteration by staff tailors is a part of this great personalized shopping experience. Besides the full beverage bar, other personal cares like manicures will also be offered in the 'Local' store. Furthermore, the store also serves as a service center permitting customers to return their online orders or store purchases.

Will it be successful in this new retail era? 100% because it's a proven concept.

Cheers for a company able to deliver the concept of the Newegg Hybrid Center™!

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