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Disaster: Data Lost

It's been about one and a half month this blog hasn't been updated, and have to sincerely apologize for that.

What happened was the compact traveling schedule in Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and again, the Taiwan for an extra week per demand was very really busy and not allowing me to update as wished. The worst was I accidentally dropped my iPhone in Taiwan and shattered the glasses, which replaced at a 3rd party repair shop before taking off to Hong Kong, and then soaped again in Hong Kong to force me replaced the entire unit in the Shatin's Apple Store. The disaster didn't end there. My MacBook Pro's keyboard was fed with half a bottle of yogurt during my last week of stay in Taiwan, which caused its circuit board damaged. Upon arrival in US, it finally collapsed bc of the static here created by the dry weather. And immediately required sending to the Apple Store. Since the Apple Store ain't responsible for data, I'd referred to one of their Authorized Service Providers for data recovery. Unfortunate that the expert couldn't save the data after several attempts. During that 5 days period of data recovery, I was traveling in Berkeley as scheduled. And the unit was quickly sent in for a circuit board replacement at the Store right after my return from the Bay Area, which took another 4 working days to complete. As a result, my MacBook Pro works like new, but all data was lost bc I didn't create any backup in last 8 months. Now, it's an "Empty Shell" rebuilding its soul from scratch.

But thru all these disasters, I'd learnt much more abt Apple's amazing warranty service and global operation structure. Bc of my iPhone was purchased in the States, its warranty wasn't supposedly covered in Hong Kong, but they made an exception to allow me purchasing a replacement unit, which the new warranty reversely covers in Hong Kong only. Interestingly, in the Store with a foot print less than 1,000 sq.ft, there're up to 100 of staffs covering: a third was Security in black, another third was Business Specialists/Expert in Blue and the last third was Technical Specialists/Genius in Grey. And surprised me the most was they also had a few western staffs stationing on site to serve customers. The one I talked to she was transferred from Canada, Edmonton to work there, and she enjoyed her new adventure so much. And the Genius whom assisted me has previously worked at a different Apple Store location with a total of 7 years experience. He could have jumped ship to work for another technology company for higher payroll and better benefits, but he chose not to bc he really likes his job at Apple.

Anyway, all photos I had in the first week of staying at Taiwan and the second week in Shanghai were now all gone. Weeks long of photo content and #coffeetour had vanished in the air (But, at least got a few coffee pictures in Shanghai and Hong Kong uploaded into the #COFFEETOUR before all these happened). Glad all documents were still saved in the iCloud. There's no one to blame, but myself. As for now, I am very glad I don't have to work on the old MacBook Air and got this MacBook Pro running.

Also, pleased to hear Starbucks opened up the world's largest Reserved store in Shanghai, which shows that market has exponential opportunity.

I'll update more frequently as I can. Stay tuned.

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