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Not A Coffee Blog!

I think there're some misconceptions abt this blog. Just bc I write my #COFFEETOUR experience very often here and share tons of coffee photos on Instagram. That doesn't mean that this is a coffee blog. More than a few thought my main focusing is to blog abt coffee or even assume that's my profession. Wrong! If you as a reader seriously dived into the content of all my coffee blogs, you'll find only a small proportion had discussed abt the tasting. Indeed, the highlights are revolved in their business model, operation, sales and marketing, and service. The key reason I write coffee frequently is due to the nature of this retail industry. Taste is always a personal preference, and we all have different flavors. The turnover of the roasters or coffee shops is extremely high. High competition and volatile. To accommodate such a broad landscape of consumers, you have to be really sharp in your business sense to survive. Otherwise, the only business exit is a dead end. And that's why I love to observe and discuss abt this industry trend. Oftentimes, I would apply some of those successful formulas to my works.

Again, this blog and all my social media accounts are an expansion of the work portfolio and my personal branding. So, please don't be mistaken no more.

I always welcome any of your feedback and don't hesitate to leave me a message or PM me.



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