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"Your Marketplace For Shopping All Coffee Essentials To Brew A Good Cup Of Coffee"

It's an idea completed within 15days and presented to my closest circle of friends, who are the expert and elite in their field, from sales, marketing, logistics & customers service to corporate management. I received much valuable advice in our meet up. Now, I'm staying in Taipei to validate this concept before a minimum viable product built. Market survey will be conducted on the street like the old-school way, except with an online form this time. Face-to-face talking with consumers to understand their pain points and whether the solution is good enough to solve the problem. As well, begin networking with roasters to learn their local operation and customer behaviors. At last, looking forward to finding co-founders with the same passion and gather advice from the local experts. And many more...

In this Journey, I also recognized "Life's really far too short for wasting". So, must do something memorable and valuable to self and others.

If you're interested to know the snapshots of my daily adventure, pls follow me on Instagram. Thanks. Peace Out!


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