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5G - A Revolution Begins

Starting from the year 2020, the business world will be revolutionized by the 5th Generation Mobile Networks/Wireless Systems (IMT-2020; 5G) in many ways out of your imagination. Not gonna dive into the technical aspects of this new amazing communication standard, but generally speaking, it only takes you a matter of minutes to download full UHD (4K/8K) movie, comparing with current 4G LTE requires an hour for a short HD movie. The capacity (1000X vs 4G) of increased MIMOs wireless bandwidth (~10Gbps) will be sufficient to power thousands and thousands of connected devices at homes and workplaces. Not only it will provide a massive amount of connectivity (Ultra low-cost Machine-to-Machine), but importantly, the 5G will increase 10% battery life than 4G and have 90% energy saving per provided service (up to 15 years on 2 AA batteries). The easy-to-implement, truly immersive experience will then disrupt today's daily living style and every aspect in the business world.

5G - People & Things

Growth Business Categories:

  • Retail/O2O Business Model

  • Distribution Channel of Physical and Virtual Goods

  • Agriculture/Manufacturing-to-Consumers (M2C)

  • Content Consumption

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT)

  • VR and AR

  • Home and Work Clouds in Real-Time Collaboration

  • Social Behaviors

  • Smart City: Autonomous Driving (includes Drones), Traffic Systems, Massive Metering

  • Finance Industry

  • Impacts to Network Operators and Telecom Carriers

  • ...Endless Possibilities in Both Hardware and Software Applications

Advanced Quality of Services (QoS) and User Experience (UX) in communication are definitely going to bring in new revenue streams to many businesses, but also possibly allows a newcomer to crush the existing system in your industry. After all, there are always an upside and a downside when a new technology introduced. 5G connectivity will formally elevate our data communication to a new peak. Imagine that the data packet as a vehicle and the 5G as a super-highway during the traffic hours; Assuming X number of vehicles passing thru the highway at 10Mph already created congestion and more inbound vehicles waiting at each enhance will only grow more traffic to it. But if the legal speed increased 10X, the congestion is going to ease the same infrastructure and more traffic will be permitted. But, at the same time, the super-highway and vehicles are also required upgrades to boost their structural strengths and performance to manage operation under the new speed. Last but not least, a new driving policy required for lanes change and forth on to avoid a collision and other hazards. In consumers' perspective, one interesting aspect is how data usage will be charged by carriers, definitely worth to monitor and discuss. By the end, how enterprises and consumers devour their data will dramatically shift in their physical stage, and more importantly, the mental stage. Furthermore, handheld mobile devices become the centerpiece of our daily living at home, office and everywhere we go.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, 5G is one of the hottest attractions and many press media has extensive coverages of the technology development. Therefore, I would strongly encourage you to study the potential impact to your business.

"Imagine the Unimaginable."

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