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The Best Coffee In Long Beach, CA?

Recreational COFFEE | Long Beach, CA

Products Score: 70 Service Score: 80 Store Score: 70

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 3.5/5

I noticed Recreational Coffee from Yelp whilst exploring my #coffeetour in So.Cali. They're also being voted as the Best Coffee Shop in Long Beach. Then, I began following their activities for a while and found them having quite some audiences in Instagram (1140+ posts, 11.4k IG followers). With some opportunity, I drove down to revisit the CSU Long Beach, where I hung out with friends often during my college years (But I wasn't graduated there). Casually cruised along the Long Beach Blvd. and gradually met them at their address. Since there ain't any public parking outside on the main street, so I had to park at the meter parking on E. 3rd Street instead. To welcome me, there were the black chalkboard written with the "RIDICULOUS coffee tea & pastries", a short bench chair, a small table by the door sitting with two customers carrying a small talk, and a "drink good coffee" neon light flashing on the glass window. That chalkboard and neon light messages were more than loud and clear to me; More than obvious that their main seller is the "coffee."

Once stepped inside, I was greeted with a super-friendly smile from the Barista and being asked for my order. To using my standard metric to measure their coffee quality, I ordered an Almond Milk Latte. By the cashier, there were some shelf boards mounted on the brick wall displaying their merchandises, including the coffee beans they sell. I recognized that those beans were all branded under their own. Unfortunately, I didn't further ask the Barista about their origin. So whether they roasted their own or repacked from other roasters, I don't have a strict answer for you at this time (there wasn't any bean roasting machine inside). But, from their web site, I take noticed a "Wholesale" session required password to login. Therefore, assumably they are a "real" coffee bean roaster themselves.

Whilst waiting for my latte brewing from the bar, I sat myself at the very back corner table to spy on their customer's behaviors and baristas' service to others. Thru the short waiting, there were a few regulars walked in, baristas called them by name, and already knew their usual orders. That's a strong sign of great customer service by training and management. Picked up my latte from the bar. My impression after the first sip is very frothy, rich in almond and aroma flavor. Be noticed that their organic almond milk is sourced from Califia Farms. And I believe this specific arrangement is for the quality purpose and the best flavor. The latte art ain't the prettiest, but acceptable. After all, taste matters the most.

During my few hours of staying, there were mostly students and white-collars using the free house wifi for doing their works. Starting after 5pm, the coffee crowd left one by one to catch their evening activities. Within 40mins time, the floor became quiet and it's also the time for me to leave for dinner as well.

In that afternoon visit, my small stomach couldn't fit in any pastry or extra tea. Therefore, I can't comment on their quality but have confident to say those can't be bad bc of their good coffee taste and the professionalism their staffs had.

Conclusion: Is it the best coffee I had so far? No, but at my picky standard par. There're a few more coffee roasters in the Long Beach area. Maybe, I can provide a more comprehensive comparison after my tastings. As for now, I would recommend visiting the Recreational Coffee if you're around the area and craving for a coffee.

Thanks for reading! :) Please comment and press ⭐️ below if you liked this article. Your responses would help me to improve the quality of content and other readers.


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