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Are you aware of Taiwan producing Coffee Beans since the time being the Dutch's colony in the 16th Century? Most likely not.

Since then, Taiwan has been growing the Arabica coffee beans in the Yunlin County until present. But, you're rarely able to enjoy a cup of coffee brewed with the Taiwan Coffee Beans unless visiting a few very specific roasters. Sadly, it's a fact. Why so?

After exploring the root of the problem, I found various reasons caused the low adaptation of homegrown coffee beans (as follows).

1) Expensive Cost due to the labor and capital expenditure required

2) Lack of distribution channel

3) Lack of government support and promotion

4) Wrong perception abt its quality from consumers to roasters

5) Limited supply due to all the above

It's a typical problem - an unbalanced - we see in the supply chain. To untie this knot, we would have to first scale up the demand side, which is from the local roasters and consumers. To drive a significant consumers hype, it would be pricey. Therefore, a more cost-effective solution is to an alliance with the local roasters to have them creating products and making recommendations. As well, thru scripting a premium Formosa coffee story to tap into the 2nd largest coffee drinkers market, United States. Doing so, the demand should be secured for the farmers confidently and steadily grow more coffee instead of other agricultural products like teas (Of course, the bottom line is stable income). Too, upon more sustainable demand current occurs, with a foreseeable result, county governments willingly provide subsidies to support this initiative.

A second revolved from the first is that no single local roasters have the power nor experience in consolidating and restructuring the supply chain's structure, especially they most are lack of the very basic business channel today - An Online Store.

In a quick conclusion, a marketplace shall be born to pick up and fill in where the missing puzzle in the supply chain is.


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