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"In The Difficult Moments, Seek Coffee."

"In The Difficult Moments, Seek Coffee." - A slogan by Coffee Seeker Studio fits well to describe the pandemic situation we all live in today.

This coffee roaster, established in April 08 2018, is located in Sanxia, Shulin District, a suburban, predominately captured coffee market in the resident community, constructed by many tall skyscrapers. Within miles, I didn't see any similar competition in the Google Map. Their business location has brilliantly chosen for sure when founded.

Assuming that memory served me right, I alluded to their existence from Instagram years ago but never paid them any visit due to their remote location. This time, I purposely planned my route ahead of time when going to the villa, where my old buddy rested in peace. Frankly, if you're not driving, their location wasn't, at all, convenient to an urban living commuter. But, modern technology in the P2P economy, Uber, solved this knotty problem and delivered me there in no time.

My first impression of their front door exterior was nothing like I had in mind. Its brand name and logo is Coffee Seeker Studio with a Star Wars Stormtrooper look-alike header image, so they hypothetically should nest in a modern, techie commercial-type building. Contrarily, their outside appearance considered being renaissance architecture to me, and I instantly felt like relaxing in Europe. Inside, more of an American style, it's simple, and the most expensive investment should be their La Marzocco classic roasting machine and some grinders on the tabletop.

Before entering to enjoy my coffee, a standard protocol living in Taiwan nowadays under the pandemics is to scan the QR Code to register your entry into the local CDC system, Then, a staff came over to measure our body temperature and sprayed alcohol on our hands for sanitization before being seated by the French windows to observe idle traffic and sight pedestrians on the street during a chill, breezing day.

Nevertheless, the devil hides in the details. Their menu is scripted with customer experience first and simple, straightforward language to describe their coffee flavor instead of complicated alien wordings. Besides that, very adorable cartoon header images represent the profile of each filter coffee. While so, two glasses of warm water were served to us - Grade A customer service.

Typically, a latte had ordered as a consistent metric to test the quality of different roasters and coffee shops. Aside from that, a filter coffee, Bansha Ethiopia 74158, described with flavors in Floral, Heart Guava, Orange, Blueberry, and Apricot, was ordered. Dessert is always another way of evaluating whether their design thinking is up to par. Therefore, two Dacquioses, one Biluochun & one Premium Black Tea, were, as well, taken to accommodate my coffee. After my first bite, I was immediately stunned by how biscuits puffiness and the luscious the creams were, a perfect match to the clean, frothy cup of latte I was having.

While navigating around for the roastery machine, I found nothing within my sight. But the glass wall separated a room full of packaging materials that seemed not like an office. So, my curiosity led me to ask one of the staff about their missing machine, the critical element to be qualified as a roaster. Eventually, I found out they moved out their production to where else. What a bummer! I didn't get to witness their roasting production in process. Perhaps, next time then.

Last but not least, their official website [brand Marketing's essential], not common to local coffee businesses, is worth you visiting. Detailed product description, knowledge base, blogging, brand origin, shopping cart, and member registration are well-built inside the site - talented business mind. It helps serve customers living far like me.

Since I still got an entire day of events to trace, only a short stay occurred. Regardless, they are one of the roasters I'll return for both their delightful coffee and dessert.

Coffee Seeker Studio | Sanxia, Taiwan

Products Score: 90

Service Score: 90

Store Score: 80

Final {verdict}: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 4.5/5

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tomaslee. xyz
tomaslee. xyz
Nov 07, 2023

After 5+ years of operations, the founders decided to move on to pursue their own personal goals and set the last page of this business on November 31, 2023. This is a prevalent story in the coffee market locally.


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