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SiteUpdate : Release2022

To All My Readers,

Another new release note after 13 months lived in the pandemic. Compared with the last revision, this time has very mineral updates to furnish the site toward refinement.

As always committed, the UI design will be optimized consistently with new elements for better visualization and performance. Last but not least, a more seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices.

>Desktop and Mobile Updates

1. New Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri color theme applied

2. Circular image and button size updated in Strip #1 and #3 of the Home Page

3. The performance of BLOG engine and the Interactive Gallery of the #COFFEETOUR optimized

4. Layout in the Interactive Gallery re-randomized

5. New "Coffee Talk" session design, including image position, post size, title font, description font, text padding, button size, and views and likes counter, applied

6. Height alignment of the "Coffee Class 101" session recalibrated

7. Coffee Bean image added on the lower right-hand above the Footer

8. New Portrait image and Strip background applied in the ABOUT.ME

9. Latest job experience updated in the "Adventure" session

Enjoy! Give a "❤️ " if You Like It, and Please Feel Free to Log In and Leave Your Comment Below.


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